Join Partner Programs to Work with Huawei Cloud to Build and Market Your Products and Services

Join Partner Programs to Work with Huawei Cloud to Build and Market Your Products and Services

Whether you are starting to build or grow your business on Huawei Cloud, a wide selection of programs here are available for you to innovate, expand, and differentiate your offerings.

Build Your Huawei Cloud-based Businesses

  • HMS Ecosystem Support Program

    Helps Internet application developers and ecosystem partners develop, test, and deploy applications faster and less expensively on Huawei Cloud.

Certify Your Professional Services and Competencies

  • Partner Competency Program

    Huawei Cloud Partner Competency Program is intended for global partners, aiming to build a competency certification system for partners and ensure that partners can obtain corresponding returns on their investment in competency development. 

Market Your Offerings

  • KooGallery Seller Program

    Oriented for software and service solution providers to promote and sell software and services through the Huawei Cloud KooGallery.

  • KooGallery Sales Program

    Huawei Cloud KooGallery Sales Program allows partners to sell products to end customers and provide customers with high-quality pre-sales consulting, sales development, delivery support, and after-sales support.

  • Cloud Solution Provider Program

    Designed for system integrators (SIs), strategic consulting firms, resellers, agents, managed service providers (MSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), and carrier partners.  A cloud solution provider can use Huawei Cloud products as a portion of its differentiated solution and resell these products to end customers.

  • Distribution Partner Program

    The Huawei Cloud Distribution Partner Program is an invitation only program that allows you to enjoy a range of benefits and incentives and develop your businesses through reseller recruitment, technical support, operations support, and value-added services. After joining this program, you will be authorized by Huawei Cloud to sell its products and services to end customers through Huawei Cloud resellers.

  • Carrier Partner Program

    The Huawei Cloud Carrier Partner Program has been developed to support Telecom Operators (Carriers) build cloud offerings for their enterprise customers. With Huawei Cloud's innovative cloud, AI, and 5G capabilities, this program has been specifically designed to allow carriers to leverage advantages with their broadband networks and local services to provide customers with stable, reliable, secure, trustworthy, and sustainable cloud services and a robust application ecosystem. This program supports carriers with digital transformation and B2B service expansion.