Wapi Pay Builds High-Availability Platform with HUAWEI CLOUD

About Wapi Pay

Wapi Pay is the first and leading Africa-Asia financial solution provider. Founded in 2019, Wapi Pay delivers platform-to-platform integration and virtual accounts (wallets) to offer convenient global payments and other FinTech services for individuals, merchants, and businesses.


As an Internet start-up, Wapi Pay hopes to meet the requirements for quick service rollout while reducing IT costs as much as possible. Wapi Pay IT and operation teams find that services often come in peak and off-peak periods. The underlying IaaS products need to be rapidly scaled as needed to meet changing demands. In the future, Wapi Pay plans to operate in other countries in Asia Pacific and Africa in addition to Kenya. The customer's executives and technical teams hope that IaaS providers can provide consistent products and unified management in multiple locations around the world.

Pain Points


Kenya's electricity supply is unstable, and frequent power outages cause network instability and poor service continuity.

Inflexible service expansion

Local host vendors are unable help Wapi Pay run businesses in multiple regions around the world.

Complex procurement process

It was taking too long to purchase hardware, licenses, security application products, and backup software.

High replacement cost

Traditional IT vendors or hosting vendors have limited product types. Products could not be updated in time. Upgrade was expensive.


HUAWEI CLOUD's Web & Mobile solution helped Wapi Pay quickly build an elastic and scalable high-availability platform. This greatly accelerates development and rollout and improves the stability and reliability of software services. Cloud-specific elastic features also ensure Wapi Pay can smoothly expand services down the road.

In Kenya and South Africa, HUAWEI CLOUD POPs and cloud connection services between these regions help Wapi Pay provide more stable network services for users in Kenya. This solution provides reliable network connections and meets Wapi Pay requirements for service expansion in different areas.


  • The cross-region layout and extensive network connection services enable Wapi Pay to enjoy a consistent experience regardless of where they access Wapi Pay services from.

  • Economically, cloud products reduce CAPEX. The packaged unified solution accelerates the service rollout, and centralized O&M helps reduce the cost of O&M by about 30% each year.

  • AI and big data products, such as ModelArts and MapReduce, lay a solid foundation for future service innovation and helps Wapi Pay explore more value for their customers.


Mr. Ndichu, co-founder of Wapi Pay

"Wapi Pay has offices in many places around the world, including Kenya, Nigeria, Singapore, and China. HUAWEI CLOUD has been deployed around the world to meet our business plans around the world. In addition, reliable infrastructure and security certification provide us with a secure and reliable infrastructure platform, which is trustworthy enough even for the financial industry. In addition, Huawei has a representative office in Kenya, providing us with more convenient support services. In the future, we will develop more innovative services based on Huawei's AI products."