Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

100% Isolation

Get an isolated network for your cloud resources. Control traffic between instances and subnets.


Add ECSs from different availability zones to the same VPC. Manage networks as required.

High-Speed Bandwidth

Choose dynamic BGP for smooth high-speed access.

Seamless Scaling

Flexibly configure communications between VPCs if required.

Why Huawei Cloud VPC?

Flexible Control over VPC Communications

Flexible Control over VPC Communications

  • Define custom routes and VPC peering connections to control communications within and between VPCs.

  • Flexibly control communications within a VPC to adapt to ever-changing service demands.

Enhance Security and Isolation

Enhance Security and Isolation

  • Run workloads in VPCs completely isolated by VXLAN.

  • Define subnets, IP address ranges, and DHCP to control access.

Define and Control Traffic Flows

Define and Control Traffic Flows

  • Define security groups to strictly control access to instances with the same security requirements.

  • Define network ACLs to control traffic in and out of associated subnets.

Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud

Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud

  • Choose Direct Connect or VPN to connect on-premises and cloud resources.

  • Flexibly deploy and migrate workloads and data on the cloud and on-premises.

Application Scenarios Application Scenarios

Dedicated Networks

Customize your network with custom IP address ranges for different workloads.

Secure Web Hosting

Ensure that your web applications can be concurrently accessed by a large number of users without interruptions.

Hybrid Clouds

Migrate workloads and data from your on-premises data center to the cloud and vice versa, to ensure workload and data availability at both locations.

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