viAct is the Asia leading AI smart construction monitoring cloud platform. With our proprietary vision technologies and extensive deployment experience, we can detect and anticipate the potential risks in construction site, trigger real-time warning signals and instant alerts to save worker lives. Since 2016, we focus on AI R&D and accumulated over 10 million domain data sets, pre-built more than 20 AI modules and operated our solution +30,000 hours construction projects. viAct is simple to use, flexible for plug & play with high detection accuracy and covering different kinds of working areas i.e. civil works, power plants, infrastructure, smart city and residential developments. Funded by SOSV, Artesian and Alibaba, viAct was granted the Top100 Global ConTech startups by BuildWorld & PwC in 2019 & Top50 ConTech Startups 2020 by CEMEX Ventures.


  • HUAWEI CLOUD focuses on the ultra-high computing power of cloud scenarios.

  • HUAWEI CLOUD's AI inference capabilities are more efficient and lower cost

  • HUAWEI CLOUD offers hybrid cloud architecture to meet customer-specific security and compliance requirements. it also solves the low-latency limited requirements of some business scenarios.


Accidents is unpredictable and occur randomly, human monitoring either cannot cover all areas or not feasible to do 24/7 non-stop monitoring. In order to identify possible risk and alert different parties immediately, video streaming from CCTV cameras and data collected from IoT devices may require high speed of data transmission plus huge processing power to identify possible risk and alert.


In model development and training, HUAWEI CLOUD provides Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) that can be automatically acquired at any time and the computing power is elastically scalable for flexible training tasks. In model deployment, HUAWEI CLOUD provides powerful and economical Ascend Atlas edge computing equipment for business deployment.


ECS services can improve the utilization of GPU resources, ensure the smooth completion of urgent training tasks , provide stable and easy-to-use computing resources. The Acend solution guarantees deployment flexibility with high-performance edge devices.