The Digital Uzbekistan 2030 Strategy approved by the Uzbekistan government emphasized the need to accelerate the development of digital infrastructure. The establishment of the Uzbekistan government cloud, serving as a national data center, was made a top priority for the government to develop digital infrastructure in next two or three years. The national data center was used to run all e-government systems across the entire country. In 2022, National data center become "heart" of Uzbekistan's digitalization


After the data centers were centralized, the government encountered other challenges, for example, adaption to their multi-level organizational structure, resource isolation, rights- and domain-based management.

Ever-increasing government affairs were making O&M more difficult. The government cloud needed powerful O&M tools to improve efficiency.

The customer deployed a large number of VMware resources on the live network, and these resources were still under warranty. They wanted to manage these legacy resources on the new government cloud without migration, because migrating these services would be expensive.


  • Secure, reliable, and ever-evolving

    Huawei Cloud Stack was used to establish the government cloud. It provides on-premises deployment and O&M to prevent data from being transferred outside Uzbekistan; Cloud security services and Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS) enable real-time backup of critical government data, providing superlative security and stability.

  • Tailored to the government governance structure

    Up to five levels of VDCs are available to match the multi-level organizational structure of Uzbekistan ministries and commissions, allowing for rights- and domain-based resource isolation. In addition, automated O&M and automated root cause diagnosis provided by ManageOne enable batch O&M and reduce O&M manpower.

  • Open architecture for ROI maximization

    To maximize ROI and ensure a consistent management experience, existing VMware resources can be onboarded and provided as cloud services. An open architecture ensures compatibility with mainstream hardware and supports diverse computing power.

  • Reduced upfront investment with a flexible business model

    A new business model supports hardware buyout and an annual software subscription model for cloud services. This model reduced the initial CAPEX by two-thirds.


The government web portal, and open data portal of Uzbekistan run smoothly on Huawei Cloud Stack. 447 public services launched on the government web portal are being used by 4.5 million users throughout the country.


Onboarding of legacy VMware resources avoids repeated investment. With the intelligent O&M tools, two or three onsite engineers are just needed to maintain a cloud platform with a scale of 600 nodes.

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