Flash Scaling

Smooth Experience

Prosperous Ecosystem


Instability caused by rapid development of services, user base, and multiple online activities.

1. Scalable service architecture

Rapid growth and crowded events such as award ceremonies, concerts, and launches burden the original architecture to work at full load.

2. Better viewing experience

Live broadcast and and online shorts are popular with users, so high-quality playback has become a key factor for user growth and retention.

3. Diversified ecosystem

Social networking, global payment, e-commerce, entertainment, and metaverse require enterprises to work together.


  • ¤ CCE Turbo containerizes the service architecture and supports flash scaling of 3,000 pods per minute to cope with hot events without needing VMs.

  • ¤ Huawei Cloud data storage services (RDS, DDS, and OBS) are cost-effective and high-performance.

  • ¤ Pseudo origin server solution (OBS+CDN) reduces pull latency by 60% and improves QoS indicators (first frame latency, stream pull rate, and frame freezing) for playback in seconds and millisecond responsiveness. In addition, CDN retrieves content from OBS to halve public network bandwidth costs.

  • ¤ Yippi is exploring virtual exhibition halls and retail metaverses to build a comprehensive ecosystem. Huawei Cloud supports Yippi with a strong global presence of 41000 ecosystem partners, covering payment, e-commerce, media, and metaverse.

Customer Benefits


Cloud native architecture supports rapid service growth.

¤ Stable user experience increases userbase by 74.86%.

¤ Continuous service innovation brings new opportunities.

¤ Stable operation of multiple hot events

High-quality video experience improves user loyalty.

¤ Video latency is reduced by 20%.

¤ Yippi's videos play in seconds and respond in milliseconds for fast, stable, and smooth playback.