Why Huawei Cloud?

Huawei Cloud enhances SIRCLO’s omnichannel commerce enabler capabilities through its wide range of offerings, enabling SIRCLO’s products to be further optimized for their customers and provide the optimal customer experience.


Understanding Market Dynamics

With Huawei’s unwavering commitment to innovation, we can leverage cutting-edge technologies and advanced tools to effectively analyse and interpret complex local market dynamics, consumer behaviours, and preferences. When coupled with SIRCLO’s deep-seated experience and understanding of the Indonesian market, they are well-positioned to provide brands with invaluable insights and strategic guidance, enabling them to seamlessly tailor offerings for maximum impact.

Navigating Regulatory Environment

SIRCLO’s extensive familiarity with the regulatory landscape of Indonesia is instrumental in assisting brands to steer through the intricate legalities of market entry. This, combined with Huawei’s global experience and innovative solutions in regulatory compliance, promises a streamlined and secure entry into the market.

Ensuring Operational Stability

Huawei’s innovative cloud-native service offers high traffic handling capabilities, ensuring optimal operational stability even during peak promotional periods. With SIRCLO’s expertise in managing operational complexities, we assure a steadfast and high-quality experience for customers.

Rapid Deployment and Scaling

The partnership combines Huawei’s continuous innovation and SIRCLO’s flexible operational methods to ensure a swift and efficient market entry. Our joint expertise empowers brands to deploy and scale their operations within a tight timeframe of a mere three months, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service quality.


  When it comes to building a presence in the ever-evolving Indonesian e-commerce market, brands are faced with a distinct array of challenges:

  1. 1. The task of navigating the intricate and multifaceted market dynamics inIndonesia poses a significant challenge. The extensive archipelago, characterised by its diverse local customs, preferences, and consumer behaviours, necessitates a highly nuanced and tailored marketing approach that goes beyond conventional strategies.
  3. 2. Another hurdle involves understanding and adhering to the regulatory and legal frameworks in Indonesia. When compared to those in the home country, the requirements and laws in the new market may differ significantly, and failing to comply might result in costly legal entanglements.
  5. 3. The task of addressing potential infrastructural limitations and navigating through operational disruptions proves to also be an immense task, particularly during peakpromotional periods. Hence, it is imperative for brands to diligently ascertain their ability to manage substantial influxes of traffic and uphold operational stability, as a means to safeguard the quality of the customer experience and prevent any potential compromise


In light of the major challenges encountered by brands seeking to gain access to the Indonesian market, Huawei and SIRCLO have collaborated to present an extensive range of robust solutions.

  • Huawei Cloud provides a cutting-edge cloud native infrastructure solution, for example, instant scaling of 3,000 pods/min by Cloud Container Engine (CCE) and a peak traffic rate of 80 Gbit/s supported by Elastic Load Balance (ELB), which enables SIRCLO’s customers to quickly grow and scale their online business.

Customer Benefits


Instant Scalability

SIRCLO's platform is easy to scale to run more business modules, 10% faster than before. This means SIRCLO is a great choice as a partner to grow together with a reliable e-commerce platform.


SIRCLO also helps customers avoid frame freezing and latency during e-commerce promotions, even if the traffic burst gets more than 5 times the normal. This meets the highest requirement of e-commerce website service providers and directly leads to better sales and higher revenue.

Smooth Migration

Huawei Cloud CCE, fully compatible with other K8s clusters, allows Sirclo to move to Huawei Cloud seamlessly. 85 Helm releases, 1,841 Deployments, 283 StatefulSets, and 1247 Cron Jobs were migrated and optimized in just 3 months, half the expected. In this way, their customers can transfer their business to a better solution and benefit from it quickly.