Best Support IT Strategy Roadmap

HUAWEI CLOUD is the solution platform that best supports the IT strategy roadmap of Srifa Frozen Food.

The Best Choice of Global Cloud

HUAWEI CLOUD has data centers located in Thailand, making HUAWEI CLOUD the best choice of global cloud for Srifa Frozen Food. The network traffic latency is low, which benefits the business in Thailand.

World Class Performance

HUAWEI CLOUD has the best practices, the best price, and the best solution. Despite a world-class performance, it is also cost-effective.


Since the business prioritized cost savings during infrastructure investment, including the best performance and productivity for its ERP system, it required a system that was flexible for resource optimization and compatible with real-time performance. The features required were:

1.      Security and stability; 

2.      High availability, which is the ability of the system to operate continuously without failing for a designated period of time; 

3.      Support for the most frequent transactions;

4.      Consistency with IT’s strategy roadmap for Total Solution Integration Model to Smart Manufacturing 4.0 & Data Analytic on Cloud.

      Thus, the system is the first priority for driving business. Srifa Frozen Food also focuses on data centralization to connect technology with data for analysis to drive business growth in the present and the future.



Srifa Frozen Food deploys IaaS on HUAWEI CLOUD with Elastic Cloud Server, Object Storage Service and network services to improve overall performance. It also deploys management services such as Cloud Eye, Log Tank Service, and Cloud Trace Service to enhance security and reliability. Srifa Frozen Food also reduces database loads thanks to Database as a service (RDS-SQL).

Customer Benefits


Better service quality and reliability for customers compared with local cloud.

Just 1 month needed for rollout from local cloud to HUAWEI CLOUD. Higher performance compared with local cloud at the same specifications.

Full control & management of all services and full visibility of all services and growth plans.

Strong technical support from HUAWEI CLOUD team and partner.