Ratopati is one of the leading online news portals for all types of Nepali national, international, entertainment, business, sports, culture, and more news. Ratopati.com is a news website run by Discovery News Network based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It brings latest news from within the country as well as from around the world to its readers.


  • All-in-one platform

    HUAWEI CLOUD provided a one-stop cloud solution for Ratopati to efficiently manage services in a centralized manner

  • Stability and reliability

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides failover to ensure 99.95% availability, supports multiple copies to reach 99.9999999% data durability

  • Supports backup and recovery

    Supports backup and recovery of cloud servers and disks for Ratopati business


Decentralized services

Ratopati used services provided by different vendors. When a critical problem occurred, it took a long time to make inquiries and work with the vendors to locate and solve the problem.

Low reliability

Services in use could not guarantee the security and reliability of service data, especially in the media industry

Low speed

High-resolution images and videos consumed much bandwidth, and websites were slow to load. Ratopati was dissatisfied with their website experience.


1. Cloud Migration Service: Professional migration solutions and dedicated support tools helped Ratopati to smoothly migrate data and applications to the cloud.

2. Scalable Elastic Cloud Server (ECS): On-demand ECS enables Ratopati to flexibly deploy applications and workloads.

3. Reliable Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR): Ratopati can easily manage and configure backup in just three steps, much simpler than professional backup software. CBR also supports crash-consistent backup of disks on a cloud server and application-consistent backup of database servers, ensuring data security and reliability.

4. Highly manageable Cloud Eye: Ratopati can monitor resources in real time, configure alarm rules, and improve resource utilization and performance free of charge.


Ratopati's service availability reaches 99.99%

With HUAWEI CLOUD, Ratopati can have stable, reliable website performance

The overall business efficiency and performance have been increased by 50%