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Customer Background

Thailand Petroleum Corporation (PTT) is a national energy and petrochemical company controlled by the Thai government. It is responsible for oil and gas exploration and development, oil and gas processing and refining, and downstream production, storage, transportation, and trade. It is the only Thai company in the Fortune Global 500.


There are a large number of engineering drawings for oil pipelines in PTT. Engineers need to manually identify and sort out equipment labels in the drawings. A large number of drawings are complex and manual identification is inefficient and error-prone. PTT expects that AI can be used to automatically identify device labels and perform labelling logic processing.



Huawei has Full-stack AI capabilities. Besides that, Huawei commits to a long-term strategic investment in AI. Huawei delivers one of the best end-to-end solutions and enterprise-level local services to a variety of industries. 


    HUAWEI CLOUD OCR customization model development helps PTT identify engineering drawing numbers and cooperates with partners to provide a web UI for PTT engineers to classify and sort engineering drawings based on the identification results, helping PTT engineers identify engineering drawings and automate labelling to improving efficiency. HUAWEI CLOUD can meet customer requirements in terms of reliability and network latency.


    After the HUAWEI CLOUD OCR service is officially adopted by PTT,    

    • The identification rate reaches over 98%.      
    • Labor cost is reduced by 30%
    • Efficiency is improved by 50%.