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Customer Background

Nestia Pte Ltd is a young emerging startup based in Singapore. Available on Android and IOS, Nestia is a top downloaded all-in-one lifestyle app that is adding thousands of new users daily. Since its release in 2015, the app has been iterated many times, with new functions popular with users such as news articles, F&B deals, movie bookings, and most recently, a preloved goods marketplace being added. Staying true to its commitment to “making life simple”, Nestia aspires to be a one-stop platform that would simplify the lives of people living in Singapore.


With the rapid development of services, original cloud vendors can only passively respond to the service requirements. The response is slow and the planning is backward looking. The diverse range of services needed drive up deployment costs and service data processing is not flexible. These issues are difficult for Nestia to manage.


    After understanding Nestia's business and requirements, HUAWEI CLOUD provides stable IaaS and PaaS products and solutions. HUAWEI personnel also provide reasonable suggestions, professional and efficient pre-sales support, and respond to problems at any time during the Proof of concept (POC) test. HUAWEI CLOUD earned recognition for professionalism and high-quality services. HUAWEI CLOUD also provides software solutions from technology partners that are either hosted on or integrated with HUAWEI CLOUD. The most important thing to mention is that HUAWEI CLOUD has enabled Nestia to promote their business under the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) program. Nestia can reach over 700 million Huawei mobile users worldwide through the Huawei App Gallery. 


    Nestia used high-performance IaaS services from HUAWEI CLOUD to run their lifestyle app, such as Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Elastic Volume Service (EVS), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Relational Database Service (RDS), and Image Management Service (IMS). They also used the Cloud Search Service (CSS) to provide powerful search capabilities, making it easier for app users to find what they need. The app images are centrally stored in the Object Storage Service (OBS) and Content Delivery Network (CDN) minimizes the delays in loading webpage content. Log Tank Service (LTS) helps to aggregate, structure, visualize, and analyze log data for giving actionable insights into O&M.


    By adopting the services from HUAWEI CLOUD, Nestia improved application performance by 20% and reduced costs by 30%. Nestia can also develop and grow their business channel within the HMS Ecosystem.