Industry Trends

  • Automotive Enterprises
  • Automotive enterprises face five novel challenges: evolving user demands, new business models (ride sharing and mobility as a service), 2C digital marketing, super app innovations, and software-based manufacturing. As a result, their goal is to establish a digital platform for new services that will upgrade their approach to the future.

  • Vehicles
  • By 2025, China's connected vehicle penetration rate is estimated to exceed 62%, with 49% for L2 or above autonomous driving. The rapid growth of intelligent vehicles generates a sharp increase in the volume of data, so this data is even more valuable. Just like smartphones, vehicles become more intelligent to deliver a more engaging experience. Unlike smartphones, however, vehicle data applications are only 14% as profitable despite generating a thousand times more data.

  • Industry Chains
  • As vehicles become increasingly connected, the entire automotive industry chain is going digital. McKinsey highlights the challenges faced by component suppliers in their digital transformation journey, including the need to reduce costs and improve efficiency, handle an unstable supply chain, modernize their R&D model, and speed up global business development. Digitally transformed ecosystem sectors are forming alliances on both innovation and industry upgrade.

Success Stories


Reach 2.5 million cars in an instant. Huawei Cloud's IoV solution powers BYD's vast number of connections, while scalable containers handle peak and off-peak travel services. With the aid of big data and wide tables, massive data is queried cross-source in mere seconds, ensuring stable IoV for vehicle owners.

Great Wall Motor

Avoid pitfalls in over 170 countries. With 75 AZs and 29 Regions in over 170 countries and regions, Huawei Cloud shares its security compliance, local operations, and local partner capabilities with Great Wall Motor to go global.

Human Horizons

Secure dedicated cloud and edge cloud services quickly migrate its luxury brand HiPhi's intelligent driving services to the cloud. Intelligent EdgeSite (IES) supports quick environment setup and cloud R&D access. The AI development pipeline ModelArts improves algorithm training efficiency by 40%.