Huawei Cloud can work with the customer to streamline its business and improve its architectures so that the customer can rapidly expand its market presence.

Huawei Cloud provides GREATER HEAT with consulting services and has designed a future-proof business architecture that addresses GREATER HEAT's existing pain points and fits its business plan.

Huawei Cloud services have breathed new life into the customer's business.

Huawei Cloud nodes deployed worldwide support the customer's rapid global expansion.


The existing business and technology architectures of the company are insufficient for Web3 and agile blockchain projects, and will fail to sustain the company's development in the long run.


  • Cloud consulting
  • In tackling GREATER HEAT's business pain points and assisting the company on its digital journey, Huawei Cloud has provided strategic consulting services to help the company implement strategies in a well-organized manner, and provided guidance on transforming software enterprise development and enterprise IT O&M.

  • Cloud services (ECS+OBS+CDN+SMS+GA)
  • GREATER HEAT's management is located in Singapore, while its R&D team is based in China. Huawei Cloud facilitates collaboration across countries so that GREATER HEAT can serve customers worldwide, regardless of its location.


• Products now go to market in just one week, a process that used to take six months.

• The improved business pattern accelerates the shift from CAPEX to OPEX and reduces costs.