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Huawei Cloud: Continuous Innovation Drives Digital Transformation in European Internet Industry

Nov 17, 2023 GMT+08:00

Kicking off on November 15, 2023, HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 Paris took center stage in Paris, France. During the Huawei Cloud Internet Industry Forum, William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, delivered a keynote address titled "Continuous Innovation for a Better European Internet Industry." He elaborated on four innovative practices that Huawei Cloud is employing to accelerate the digital transformation of Internet enterprises. Concurrently, William Fang, Huawei Cloud's chief product officer, showcased the company's technological advancements in the Internet domain, grounding his insights in real-world business scenarios. Representatives from leading European internet companies also shared their unique digital transformation journeys.

William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, delivering a keynote speech

According to William Dong, Huawei Cloud has established a strong foothold in the Chinese market, serving 90% of the top 50 e-commerce enterprises, 85% of the top 50 game enterprises, and 75% of the top 50 digital media enterprises. Leveraging this extensive experience in Internet services, Huawei Cloud is empowering Internet companies through four key innovations: content productivity, delivery efficiency, immersive experience, and global presence. These innovations enable customers and partners to accelerate their digital transformation journeys and achieve shared success.

In the realm of content productivity, every industry, enterprise, and individual can use Huawei Cloud AI technologies and solutions to upgrade creativity. Meitu, a leading image processing and social networking platform in China, partnered with Huawei Cloud. Leveraging its deep expertise in aesthetics, Meitu has developed an AI model fitting SaaS application powered by the Pangu model. This application generates realistic, natural, and lifelike models, significantly reducing the time required to produce clothing images from days to seconds. This innovation effectively helps the clothing industry enhance its services and redefine content productivity.

Regarding delivery efficiency, the utilization of Huawei Cloud big data intelligent prediction algorithms has enabled swift dissemination of news, prompt arrangement of ride-hailing services to the nearest request, and delivery of fresh vegetables to doorsteps. A Chinese fresh food e-commerce platform collaborated with Huawei Cloud to upgrade and reconstruct its big data platform architecture. Huawei Cloud's big data intelligent prediction algorithms were integrated to accurately forecast customer order demands. The overall prediction accuracy surpassed 90%. Additionally, Huawei Cloud CCE and CCI provide highly scalable compute resources, ensuring the platform's stability even when the number of concurrent requests doubles.

In the domain of immersive experience, Huawei Cloud's 3D virtual space facilitated an online launch event for a leading convenience store chain in China. The fun experience seamlessly connected retailers to their franchised stores, and led to a 27.47% boost in the inquiry-to-order rate. Additionally, Huawei Cloud's Pangu virtual human model empowers e-commerce platforms to effortlessly create their own virtual humans. Equipped with precise text and voice control, these virtual humans can introduce products with naturalness, accuracy, and fluency, achieving lip-sync accuracy exceeding 95%. Furthermore, virtual humans can engage in real-time interactions with audiences according to the on-screen comments. Together with Low Latency Live (LLL), Huawei Cloud delivers an exceptional experience for e-commerce companies.

In terms of global presence, Huawei Cloud has built KooVerse, its global infrastructure of storage, compute, networking. So far, KooVerse consists of 84 availability zones (AZs) in 30 Regions and serves customers in more than 170 countries and regions. This extensive global reach enables users worldwide to access Huawei Cloud within a mere 50 milliseconds. KooGallery, powered by Huawei Cloud MacroVerse aPaaS, maximizes the business value of development achievements for global customers through intelligent search and recommendation.

By far, 4,000 go-global enterprises have benefited from Huawei Cloud's comprehensive solutions addressing security compliance, technical support, and local operations. Huawei Cloud has earned more than 120 security certificates, and has local technical support teams around the world, empowering customers to seamlessly expand their business scenarios, explore new market frontiers, and achieve global success.

William Fang, Chief Product Officer, Huawei Cloud

To unlock new growth, Internet enterprises must effectively integrate business scenarios with cloud technologies. William Fang highlighted Huawei Cloud's groundbreaking innovations in serverless and regionless architecture, coupled with its global intelligent scheduling capabilities, to enable optimal compute and unrestricted service flow. Through continuous technological advancements, Huawei Cloud delivers industry-leading products and solutions for enterprise cloud migration, multi-cloud deployment, deep dive into cloud, and application modernization, empowering businesses to transcend boundaries and accelerate their global expansion efforts.

During the event, Huawei Cloud launched the European Internet Joint Innovation Camp, aiming to aggregate CXOs and help European Internet enterprises accelerate growth through shared technologies, shared resources, joint incubation, and joint branding.

European Internet Joint Innovation Camp launch

As the intelligent era unfolds, Huawei Cloud is poised to empower Internet enterprises to seize emerging opportunities, generate greater industry value, and forge wider partnerships.