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Customer Background

Indofun Games is the leading mobile game provider in Indonesia, whose prides in providing entertaining games and having excellent services for its customers. Indofun provides fun and exciting online games to customers throughout the diverse mountainous and island landscape of Indonesia.


Indofun Games is a famous game publisher in Indonesia.

They have achieved great success in Southeast Asia market, especially for games such as LEGIONS, IMPERIAL PALACE, AUDISTR MOBILE, SHELLFIRE etc. In order to compete with rapid changing game market, Indofun has deployed their mobile game business on private cloud.

Indofun pays a lot of attention to the stability on games and customer experience and wants to expand the channel to promote the new games.

(1) The location of games deployment should cover the whole Asian pacific, and have great and stable network quality;

(2) In order to grab the market, Indofun need quick deployment in the new games. So they need sufficient testing and technical support for the cloud vendor;

(3) To ensure the customer experience, Indofun should rapidly response to customer problem and need the timely support from the cloud vendor.


    HUAWEI CLOUD has great advantage in the Stability and Neutrality. During the POC testing, Huawei team showed professional skills and efficient support. Huawei know deeply in the game industry and understand their roles in how to help the game publisher success. Huawei’s excellent customer service quality win the indofun’s trust and contributed to the final collaboration.


    Huawei Cloud was able to provide Indofun with a comprehensive service package to meet all of Indofun's requirements. In particular, through Huawei Cloud's core computing and storage products like ECS, ELB, OBS , Indofun has the necessary computing power to meet and even beat customer expectations, providing an easily scalable, cost-effective, and highly reliable solution.

    In addition, database services such as RDS for MySQL have allowed such imperative background operations as regular data backups and data synchronization to be increasingly automated, allowing for much less manual intervention, thus streamlining the maintenance and operations work of Indofun's technical support team.

    And, most important to Indofun's core business and its demanding customers, through the networking service solutions of Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Elastic IP (EIP), Huawei Cloud has enhanced and even improved the gaming experience for its enthusiastic gamers. 


    Improved 10% mobile game deployment speed
    • Based on the HUAWEI CLOUD service and 7*24 technical support, Indofun engineer improve at least 10% of new game deployment speed.

    Reduced 15% IT and O&M Cost
    • HUAWEI CLOUD provide sufficient service with more competitive price. By deploying the business on HUAWEI CLOUD, Indofun can reduce at least 15% IT cost.
    • HUAWEI CLOUD provide more cost-effective CDN service for Indofun.

    Improve customer experience of the mobile game
    • As the mobile game deployed in HUAWEI CLOUD, customer can enjoy more stable and fluent game experience and average daily active users increase 5% than before.