Industry: Financing
Core business: Risk management backed up by data-driven analytics and technology
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About WeShare

WeShare is a leading internet finance company focused on risk management backed up by data-driven analytics and technology. They have traditionally provided services in Southeast Asia in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, but in July 2019, they started their plans to expand into Africa.  


WeShare planned to deploy IaaS resources in sub-Saharan Africa to provide financial services for Kenya and even the African market. Stable network connections are required to ensure high-speed access from their headquarters in Beijing, China. Round-the-clock technical support services are also needed to provide timely assistance whenever required.


The WeShare website and associated financial services were deployed using ECSs in South Africa, and Cloud Connect was used to connect the South Africa region to the Hong Kong region. Having ECSs deployed in South African brought the latency for users in Kenya down to less than 100 ms and allowed for more agile service deployment. Cloud Connect ensured fast, stable connectivity to the Beijing R&D team. The customer support was provided 24/7 by HUAWEI CLOUD expert support staff.

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The combination of ECS deployment and a Cloud Connect connection between South Africa and the Hong Kong region ensures fast, reliable services, rapid service deployment, and easy access to 24/7 customer support. HUAWEI CLOUD was able to provide a data center closer to Kenya, so latency could be kept below 100 ms, and by using ECSs, those services were able to be deployed and rolled out within just two weeks.